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Measure the business impact of social campaigns in minutes

Easily see what posts are driving the most sales, leads, and traffic across key social platforms without being a Google Analytics expert

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Why you need to go beyond measuring likes and engagement...


of organizations feel they can attribute value to business outcomes driven by social media (that's not many!)

Source: MDG Advertising
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of the most profitable companies compute the ROI of their content marketing

Source: Agorapulse

of social media posts that could lead to website visits, lead conversion, or revenue will never be tracked

Source: Agorapulse

Agorapulse makes tracking business impact easy

Easily create, organize, and shorten UTM links for social media all in one place

Automatically pull data from a wide range of resources, including Google Analytics, so you can easily see your most important social media metrics and performance

Clear reporting make it simple to prove the real impact of your social media efforts on sales, leads, and visitor behaviors

ROI REports

Get actionable insights that grow your business

Know Your Social Media Business Impact

We surveyed 273 of your peers to uncover the challenges companies and agencies face in measuring sales, leads, and visitor behaviors from social—a.k.a. "business impact".

How do you calculate Social Media ROI?

Prove Social Media ROI by Using Stone-Cold Data That Clients Want

“Why not have a measurable component and say, ‘Here is the ROI you’re getting’ […] because Agorapulse already has the tools that enable people to do this, it’s just that companies don’t do it.”

-Neil Patel

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