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Higher Education, Social Media & Enrollment

With Theresa Anderson
Head Of Marketing, Agorapulse

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About the webinar

Forty-one percent of school officials believe they can directly attribute an increase in enrollments to their social media efforts. But if it is so critical, why are only 1 in 3 taking the time to track the buzz, posts, conversations, and news happening on social media? 

There’s no sugarcoating it. Failing to monitor online conversations puts the reputation of your institution in peril. And that’s not all. If you aren’t actively listening on social media, then you are doing a disservice not just to your school, but to the students, teachers, administrators, and alumni whose stories you tell. 

So, if you're ready to improve communication, identify new trends, get insights into student sentiment, and manage your school's reputation, this webinar is for you. 

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  • Why your team should be listening on social media now, more than ever
  • How to save time by using your social media management platform for listening 
  • The 3 metrics you should build into your monitoring program
  • How to apply what you learn to your social media strategy


Host Theresa Anderson Head Of Marketing, Agorapulse

Theresa Anderson, Head of Marketing (EN) brings over two decades of diverse marketing experience to her role at Agorapulse. A prolific thought leader, Theresa leads the industry and is a contributing member of the Forbes Communications Council. During her career, she has worked with Fortune 100 enterprises, served as Program Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship at Rollins College, and managed all aspects of communications and marketing for one of the top ten marketing agencies in Central Florida.

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Ken Sterling Headshot
Ken Sterling Professor of Practice and EVP of Marketing

MBA in marketing (digital and social media), Researcher at USC Annenberg - specializing in digital media and influencers/social media. and a PhD in HigherEd. Ken is a Professor of Practice at UC Santa Barbara and head of Marketing at a leading Organizational Development Company. He is also an entrepreneur and angel investor in several tech startups. Ken holds a Ph.D. in Leadership from the University of California, an M.B.A. from Babson College and he earned his B.A. in Communication and Applied Psychology from the University of California. Ken is a lecturer of marketing and entrepreneurship with the Technology Management Program at University of California.

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Taylor Headshot
Taylor Bacon Communications SpecialistOklahoma State University, CVM

Taylor Bacon earned a B.S. in Animal Science from Iowa State University and a M.S. in Agricultural Communications from Oklahoma State University. She combines the skills and knowledge she gained in both programs in her current position as communications specialist for the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine. In this role, Taylor manages the college's social media presence, produces photo and video content and designs digital and print materials.

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Victoria Kukla headshot
Victoria Kukla Associate Director of Social Media at Central Michigan University

Victoria is a Social Media Strategist for Central Michigan University, as well as a microinfluencer and designer. She currently manages social media audits, strategy, and content for over 200 accounts. With over 10 years of social media and strategy experience, she saved nonprofits over $27,000 in 2022 by providing clear strategy guides and consultation services through her volunteer work on Catchafire.com.

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