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Webinar Series

Look Back at 2022
Look Ahead to 2023

With Darryl Praill
CMO, Agorapulse
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About the seminar

Boy, what a ride 2022 has been! Between the “end” of the pandemic and the Twitter chaos heard around the world, social media has gone in directions no one could have predicted a year ago. So, what better way to close out the year than taking a wild ride down memory lane at some of the events that rocked our industry in 2022, and how they might impact the year ahead?

In this special session, we’re asking three industry experts to look into their crystal balls and give us their best forecast of what’s in store for digital marketers in 2023. Together, they will dissect how customer experience, employee engagement, and content visualization will be impacted in the coming year.

Armed with this knowledge, you will have the insights you need to confidently plan your marketing strategies. Knowing what’s next will give you the edge you need to mitigate – and maximize – the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Join us as we explore the trends that will shape your budget and your team in 2023.

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  • Customer experience expectations and how they effect revenue

  • The evolution of social commerce

  • AI-based automation, video and voice search, and other tech innovations

  • An increased appetite for recorded and live video content


Host Darryl Praill CMO, Agorapulse

Darryl Praill is the CMO at Agorapulse. He is a funny, high-energy, in-demand event host and panel moderator, a Top 50 keynote speaker, an accomplished award-winning marketer and creator, a social media influencer, and a serial entrepreneur. Darryl has raised $100 million in venture capital and only been fired once.

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Host Theresa Anderson Head of Marketing (EN), Agorapulse

Her leadership experience includes both agency and in-house corporate marketing teams, supporting a wide range of industries and brands. As Program Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship at Rollins College, Theresa worked closely with business leaders of all sizes to solve their unique business challenges.

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Nick Bennett
Nick Bennett Director of Evangelism & Customer Marketing @ Alyce | Rep Your Brand Podcast Host

Nick Bennet, Director of Evangelism & Customer Marketing at Alyce and host of the Rep Your Brand podcast, is a superstar in social content, dark social, field marketing, customer marketing, and more. In this episode, we discussed how Nick is on track to create $1 million in pipeline for Alyce through social content, why it's good to have employees active on LinkedIn, and what it takes to get revenue results from field marketing. Join our free slack community on demandgenerationmovement.com and learn from some of the best demand marketers in Europe.

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Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner CEO of Marketing Insider Group - A Content Marketing Agency CEO

As a globally recognized keynote speaker and author of three books, Michael challenges professionals to lead with courage by focusing on customers and teams. His latest book, "Mean People Suck," shares stories of empathy driving bigger profits and a better life. With recognition from Forbes and the Huffington Post, Michael has worked for global brands like SAP and Nielsen and currently runs the award-winning Marketing Insider Group. His "Presentations That Connect" training has inspired thousands to overcome stage fright through storytelling, helping entrepreneurs, executives, and emerging leaders reach their potential.

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