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The Impact of AI: Is Your Job at Risk?

With Darryl Praill
CMO, Agorapulse
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About the webinar

You’re thinking it, we’re thinking it, and we figured it’s time to address the elephant in the room…

Is AI going to take our marketing jobs? 

And the answer is — it depends. 

According to a Statista survey back in March of this year, more than 80% of marketing industry experts were already integrating some form of AI technology into their online marketing activities. In another survey from Influencer Marketing Hub, 71.2% believe AI can outperform humans at their jobs.

At the same time, AI adoption might not be happening as quickly as we all think it is.

Towards the end of last year, IBM revealed that limited AI skills, too much data complexity, and integration challenges are still holding plenty of companies back from fully embracing AI. 

To help you get a grasp on where marketers stand in this new, fast-paced world of artificial intelligence (and give you a leg up on the “robot army”), we’ve invited two industry experts to share how they expect AI to impact marketing plus practical ways you can use AI to your advantage.

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  • Why AI is your ally, not your replacement
  • Real discussions C-suite executives are having about AI behind closed doors
  • What new skill sets are needed in an AI-driven landscape
  • How to improve ROI with the AI tools at your disposal 


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Host Darryl Praill CMO, Agorapulse

Darryl Praill is the Chief Marketing Officer at Agorapulse, the award-winning social media management platform. Darryl is a funny, high-energy, in-demand event host and panel moderator, an accomplished award-winning marketer, a Sales World Top 50 Keynote speaker and multi-time gold medalist content creator, a Top 10 SaaS Branding Expert, a Top 19 B2B Marketer to Watch, voted by LinkedIn as a Top 3 Marketer and a Top 30 Sales Leader, a social media influencer, a category-leading podcaster, and a serial entrepreneur. Darryl has raised almost $100 million in venture capital, acquired, merged and taken companies public, been hired and fired, and worked with companies of all sizes.

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Taylor Young
Taylor Young ABM & CX, Terminus

Taylor is an enthusiastic and ambitious go-to-market strategist known for her vibrant personality and unwavering drive. With a proven track record as a revenue-boosting powerhouse, Taylor is passionate about empowering organizations to excel. Her expertise shines through in her development of game-changing ABM Playbooks, pioneering the Revenue Flywheel framework for Terminus and as co-host of Direct with Corrina & Taylor. Off the podcast mic, Taylor’s rural Georgia farm is home to an adorable bunch of animals that provide the perfect contrast to the fast-paced culture of B2B SaaS.

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Matt Cross
Matt Cross Growth Marketing, Knotch

Matt Cross is a Growth Marketing Manager at Knotch, where he leads organic social, paid strategies, and manages the Pros & Content Community—a dynamic network of growth, demand, and content professionals driven by impactful business results. He's also the Co-Founder of Harvest Chocolate, bean-to-bar chocolate makers who handcraft seasonal chocolate bars and Snacking Chocolate for everyday moments.https://harvestcraftchocolate.com/

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Mike Kaput
Mike Kaput Chief Content Officer, Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

Mike Kaput is the Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute, an education, event, and media company that makes AI approachable and actionable for marketers and business leaders. He's also the co-author of the book Marketing Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing, and the Future of Business.

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