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    The ROI Mythbuster Series: Simplifying Social Success

    How to Start Proving
the ROI of Your Social Media

    Don’t settle for just measuring engagement and clicks from your organic social media efforts.
    Go deeper and learn how to measure the conversions and revenue your social media efforts generated!

    Watch this on-demand training session now!

    Why you don’t want to miss this webinar:
    • Proving that your social media activities are actually delivering business results is the best way to have a successful career and impress your boss or your clients!
    • Very few marketers and social media managers know how to do that, this will give you a unique competitive edge (and get a better paycheck :-)).
    • It may seem complex, but after watching this webinar, you’ll know exactly how to do it easily!


    What you’ll learn:
    • How conversion and revenue attribution work in our digital world
    • What methodology works best to maximize this conversion and revenue attribution
    • How to setup Google Analytics to get the data you need and the reports that you need
    • How you can do all of that for free, with just a Google sheet and a free Google Analytics account!
    • How Agorapulse can make it completely seamless and bulletproof for you
    • All the mistakes we’ve made at Agorapulse regarding this so you can avoid them.
    • How Agorapulse customers measure significant revenues from their organic social media efforts and how you can do that too.


    Emeric Ernoult CEO @Agorapulse

    Emeric is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in Social Media and Saas (software as a service). He is the CEO and co-founder of Agorapulse (www.agorapulse.com), a Paris-based Social Media Management Software launched in 2011. Agorapulse is currently being used by more than 30,000 users across 180 countries.

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    Jacob Hilpertshauser Product Marketing Specialist @Agorapulse

    With 15+ years experience in Saas sales and marketing, my work passion lives in about educating, teaching and helping others execute successful social media strategies

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