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Find the Best Social Media Manager for Your Business

Download this guide to help you hire your next social media manager.

Weed out the social media flops and find your next social media rockstar with this interview guide.

Topics covered in the guide

- Scheduling and Publishing
- Community Management
- Analytics and Reports
- Paid Social Media
- Collaboration and Education

Anna Sonnenberg - Sonnenberg Media.

"Whether we’re boosting your brand with Facebook Ads, crafting email campaigns that you can’t wait to open, writing creative content that you love to read, or planning social strategies that engage your audience, all of our client projects follow a similar recipe.

We start with a generous helping of research. Then we season with a healthy dose of strong writing. Finally, we garnish each project with analytics, which really bring out the flavor of each marketing campaign."

Put your candidates to the test and find the one best suited to your goals

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