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The State of Community

What do you get when you analyze nearly 22 million organic social posts? A game-changing perspective on social strategy that’s based on data — not random “tips and tricks.”

From text posts ruling Facebook to TikTok's unprecedented surge in engagement, we analyzed millions of social media posts published through Agorapulse over the last year to give you the most actionable guide on community management in 2024.

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“Analysis reveals that TikTok's engagement rates surged to unprecedented levels in 2023, with a 273% increase in posts published per account, signaling a dramatic shift in how brands engage with audiences on social media platforms.”

- State of Community Management 2024

What you’ll learn:

  • The #1 reason social media managers are shifting their focus towards authentic community engagement to drive meaningful results
  • Why Facebook's text posts dominated 52.06% of total posts and what this means for your content strategy
  • Emerging trends in community management, including the rise of long-form video content, the integration of AI, AR, and VR technologies, and the increasing emphasis on personalized, one-to-one interactions
  • Plus, see which types of content, hashtags, and emojis, perform best on each network to maximize your reach, engagement, and conversions

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