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Here's what we'll talk about...

Google is beginning to block third-party cookies in Chrome.
Apple has removed tracking parameters in ads links.
Meta is rolling out ad-free versions of their platforms.

It’s a troubling time for businesses and marketers who are trying to leverage paid ads to drive targeted audiences to their website.

When a retargeting ad - an ad specifically targeted to someone who you know has already visited your website - tends to convert at 10X the rate of typical display ads, suddenly losing access to that kind of audience could be devastating to advertisers.

Is this the end of retargeting ads? How should businesses go about collecting and leveraging their own data, that first-party data, going forward?

That’s what Larry Kim is here to help us with.

Larry founded WordStream, a PPC marketing company, which was acquired by USA Today in 2018. He went on to build a new solution that’s all about customer data solutions, Customers.ai. Larry is a guest lecturer at MIT, Harvard, and Boston University and a contributor to CNBC and Inc. Magazine, as well as frequent speaker at marketing conferences, helping businesses and audiences understand the power and potential of their data.

The MarTech Show hosts Robin Dimond and Mike Allton will talk to Larry Kim about:

🔶 What happened with Google and Meta

🔶 How those changes have impacted marketers and social media advertising

🔶 Where marketers can turn today to improve ad spend & performance

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Larry Kim

Larry Kim

CEO & Founder of Customers.ai

Larry Kim is the CEO and Founder of Customers.AI, a provider of sales outreach and customer data solutions. Customers.ai was ranked the fastest-growing Go-to-Market product of 2023 by Iconiq Capital and G2. Previously, Larry founded WordStream, a PPC marketing company acquired by USA Today in 2018.

Larry has shared his insights at numerous conferences, including Call to Action Conference, Hubspot Inbound, and WebSummit. He’s a guest lecturer at MIT, Harvard, and Boston University and a contributor to CNBC and Inc. Magazine.

Currently, at Customers.ai, Larry focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence in marketing, demonstrating its practical applications and potential impact.



Mike Allton

Head of Strategic Partnerships
Mike is the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse where he strengthens relationships with social media educators, influencers and partner brands. He has spent over a decade in digital marketing and brings an unparalleled level of experience and excitement to the fore, whether he's delivering a presentation or leading a workshop.

Robin Dimond

CEO & Founder at Fifth & Cor
Robin Dimond is the CEO and Founder of Fifth & Cor, a marketing & innovation company. Dimond brings over 18 years of experience that has led to a successful team and client success stories over the years. Passionate about the human experience, Dimond strives to bring sensory experiences and the heart back into all her team’s work, thus comes the name - Fifth (five senses) & Cor (Latin for heart).

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